2017 Race Date:
23rd Jun

Welcome to the official website of the Kinghorn Black Rock '5' Race. This site provides those interested or participating in the race, with information about the event, entry forms, past results, photos and the annual t-shirts.

Latest News

03/11/16 - Contact Page Problem

There has been an issue with the "Contact Us" page not working correctly in recent weeks. This issue has now been resolved.

10/06/16 - Photos

A selection of photos from this year's Black Rock '5' are now available on this site.

08/06/16 - Results

Final results for this year's Black Rock '5' are now available on this site.

08/06/16 - Results

Final results for this year's Black Rock '5' are available on the StuWeb Race Timing (Scotland) website

03/06/16 - Good Luck!

The organisers would like to wish everyone running the Black Rock '5' tonight all the very best for the race.  Have a great night!!

03/06/16 - Williams Bros Beer Prices

Williams Brothers beers at the Carousel post-race will be £2.50 a pint :)

02/06/16 - Remember Your Confirmation

Organisers request that all runners remember to bring their Entrycentral confirmation of race number with them on Friday.   This is the e-mail sent to you from Entrycentral.   This will ensure you can claim your race number with embedded timing chip in a timely manner.

02/06/16 - The Bill Tulloch Award

Race organisers would like to announce that the inaugural Bill Tulloch award will be presented from this year.   There will be a cash prize for the first runner to the Black Rock.   The marshal team at the rock will have a defined "line in the sand”.   This is being awarded in memory of a family member who very many regular participants in our event would simply know as “the man at the rock”.

01/06/16 - Carousel Beers

The following beers will be available at The Carousel on race night

Cask beers
Joker IPA 7 Giraffes Birds and Bees Red
Joker I.P.A. 5.0% 7 Giraffes 5.1% Bird & Bees 4.3% Red 4.5%
Keg beers
Caesar Augustus 7 Giraffes May Bee April Theses
Caesar Augustus 4.1% 7 Giraffes 5.1% May Bee 5.0% April Theses 4.2%

Beers supplied by Williams Bros.  See the links above or our RSS feed for more detailed descriptions of each beer.

30/05/16 - Charity Runners

If you are running for a charity in this year’s Black Rock Race please tell us who you are running for and we’ll add your details to the race commentator’s notes.   When you’ve collected your sponsorship please let us know how you did and we’ll update the race website.

28/05/16 - Race Data Closed

Race data is now closed and final edit is underway.

28/05/16 - Finishers' Beers

Finish line beers have been confirmed as follows -

Williams Gold March Of The Penguins Pavlov's Dog Chieftain Ceilidh Lager
Williams Gold 3.9% March Of The Penguins 4.9% Pavlov's Dog 4.3% Chieftain 4.0% Ceilidh Lager 4.7%
Gold 3.9%, Golden in colour with a zesty, hoppy aroma and clean refreshing flavours. March of the Penguins 4.9%, This creamy dark stout, deep chocolate in colour has a nose of roast malts, coffee, liquorice & orange peel. Pavlov's Dogs 4.3%, A rich red, brewery conditioned ale with fruity, toffee malt character and strong citrusy hop aromas. Chieftain Ale 4.0%, Golden in colour, with a dry crisp flavour & sweet, hoppy aroma. Ceilidh Lager 4.7%, Hops from Europe & America, British lager malt, Swiss yeast, and Scottish water are matured for 90 days to produce a delicious, crisp, citrusy lager.

Beers supplied by Williams Bros.

28/04/16 - Race Entries

The 2016 Race is fully subscribed- any late entries received will be held on a waiting list and we’ll allocate to any withdrawals that we’re notified of up to 5 days before the race.

22/04/16 - Race Entries

Online entries sold out before 21:00 this evening.

Limited postal entries are available on a first come first served babsis until we are fully subscribed.  110 places available as of this evening.  Entry forms are available to download here.

15/03/16 - Race Entries

Entries for the 2016 Black Rock Five will open on Entry Central at 19:00 on Friday 22nd April.

Limited postal entry will also be available until we are fully subscribed.  Entry forms will be available for downloading from the site from the above date.

06/02/16 - Permit Granted, Race Date Confirmed

The Black Rock '5' oganisers can confirm that Scottish Athletics have granted their permit for this year's race taking place on Friday, June 3rd at 19:45.  Online entries will open in mid-April, about 6 weeks prior to the race date.

21/01/16 - Community Update

Details of local Kinghorn community activities / organisations supported by the Black Rock '5' during 2014/15 are available on the Community page of this site

03/01/16 - Provisional Race Date

The provisional date (subject to permit from Scottish Athletics) for the 2016 Black Rock '5' is Friday, June 3rd at 19:45.   Details are provisional and may be subject to change.

2016 Results

1Murray StrainHBT23:24
2Neil RenaultEDI23:27
3Ben HukinsCAM23:34
4Scott GreenCEN23:48
5Bryan ClarkCOR24:24

Williams Bros Brewery
Run and Become, Edinburgh
Scotia Bathrooms, Fife
Briggs Marine
Raith Fruit
Scottish Athletics
Myrtle Coffee Services; Race Water Supplier